Fury as UK judge sentences rapist to 270 hours of unpaid labour

Even though he was convicted guilty of rape, 21-year-old Sean Hogg will only have to do 270 hours of unpaid labour.

Since Sean Hogg, the man who sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl was too young to be imprisoned, Justice Lork Lake, the judge presiding over the case, permitted him to walk free.

In Scotland’s Midlothian, Hogg, 21, was convicted guilty of raping the adolescent at Dalkeith Country Park.

Due consideration must be given to Hogg’s age at the time of the attack, according to Justice Lord Lake.

Hogg, a resident of Hamilton, Lanarkshire, will only be required to undertake 270 hours unpaid labour.

Opposition MPs have referred to the sentence as an insult, and it is understood that prosecutors are considering whether to appeal it.

“This is an extraordinarily serious case, and we are shocked that the perpetrator has not got a jail term,” said Sandy Brindley, Chief Executive of Rape Crisis Scotland.

“Given the gravity of this crime and the fact it was tried at the High Court, this sentence appears to us to be worryingly lenient.

“Our thoughts are with the survivor of this crime. For survivors of any sexual violence, it can be very difficult to see reports of convicted perpetrators walking free from court.”

The sentence prioritises Hogg’s well-being over the schoolgirl he abused, according to Scottish Conservative justice spokesman Jamie Greene who spoke to MailOnline.

He added: “The lack of a prison sentence is a total insult to the young teenage victim in this case.”

“While this dangerous sex offender committed the offence when he was 17, the policies agreed to by SNP ministers mean under 25- year-olds are now routinely wrapped in cotton wool.

“The needs of a criminal have shamefully been put above those of a victim in the SNP’s justice system.

“This young girl will be scarred for life by this horrendous attack.”

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