‘I wouldn’t be surprised’: Pundit makes Mikel Arteta claim

Mikel Arteta has developed a bit of a reputation for occasionally losing his composure.

After Mikel Arteta received a yellow card during the first half of their match against Manchester United, Matthew Upson told BBC Sport that the referees had likely discussed Arteta’s antics on the touchline.

The foul infuriated Arteta, who made it plain that he wanted to see a yellow card.

He was seen to be acting inappropriately and gesturing slightly erratically. As a response, Anthony Taylor issued the Gunners manager a warning.

And last night, Alex Crook discussed it on TalkSPORT, saying that he had spoken to another manager this year who wasn’t a fan of Arteta and called him “disrespectful” for the way he conducts himself.

Taylor’s decision to sign Arteta, according to Matthew Upson, may have been influenced by rumours regarding the Spaniard’s temperament on the sidelines.

“I’m curious to know if Arteta’s actions on the sidelines have been a topic of conversation among the officials over the past few games,” he told BBC Sport, “I wouldn’t be surprised.

“It works well for Arteta as a strategy. He has instilled in the team and the fan base a genuine sense of us versus them mindset. 

“Everyone is supporting the squad as a whole.

“That becomes apparent when Arsenal makes mistakes. 

“On the rare times when they have given up goals, the supporters have immediately rallied behind them and encouraged them to keep going.

“And it’s obvious that Arteta’s creation of an impression of injustice benefits them.”

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