‘I’m shi*ting myself’: Aitch reveals what he wants to do next

In his speech of acceptance at the occasion, the rapper discussed his achievements.

Aitch has stated that since he won the BRIT Awards in 2023, he wants to “set examples” for other people from similar situations.

The event this year was held at London’s The O2 on February 11th, and Harry Styles and Wet Leg ruled the night.

Aitch was the evening’s first winner, taking home the trophy for Best Hip-Hop, Grime, and Rap Act.

As he approached the stage, he declared,  “I’m not gonna lie, I never get a bit scared, but I’m shi*ting myself.”

“I thought I’d have time to have a couple more drinks before I came on here but obviously not.”

The celebrity used his speech to reflect on his upbringing after thanking his supporters and staff.

“Not to get all cliché, not many people where I’m from – especially my side of Manchester – get the opportunity to stand up here and receive such an amazing gift or award,” he said. 

“I think that’s the main reason I do it for – to set examples and let people know that it’s possible no matter where you’re from and just because 5 million people haven’t done it before that you can do it.”

“I think everyone should be proud of themselves in the room just for being here and sometimes we need to kick back and reflect on how well everyone’s doing cos I don’t do that personally enough. Big up everyone, respect,” he said, closing his speech. 

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