‘Ridiculous’: Ex-singer apologises to Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury

The former artist apologised profusely to Molly-Mae Hague for calling the name of her infant daughter Bambi "ridiculous."

After criticising Molly-Mae Hague and boyfriend Tommy Fury’s decision to name their little daughter Bambi last week, Kerry Katona offered an apology to the couple.

The 42-year-old former singer tagged the 23-year-old new mother on Instagram and admitted that she was trying to be humorous when she made the statement about the name but has since realized that it has “nothing to do with me.”

The Celebrity Big Brother contestant revealed last week in her OK! column that she didn’t like the name Bambi, calling it “stupid,” and suggested that the expectant parents have a change of heart.

Backing down, Kerry clarified that the nickname is actually “very, very sweet,” and she acknowledged her regret for criticising the family, who welcomed the new baby on January 23, 2023.

She continued, “I, of all people, should know better.” She said she was invited to comment on the subject of the name and meant to be humorous but now realises it came out as harsh.

Kerry apologised profusely to Molly-Mae in her Instagram Stories post, saying, “I read back my OK! column and I think I’m dead funny but I’m actually not that funny.”

Kerry reassured Molly-Mae that she had her back and added, “Since I said it, it really, really played on my mind and I would never want to pull anyone down, I would never want to bully anybody or hurt anybody – I’m not that sort of person in the slightest.”

Bambi’s name was revealed along with the information that Molly-Mae and Tommy had safely delivered the child by natural birth just the previous week.

When discussing the backlash to her daughter’s name, Molly-Mae said last week in a YouTube interview: “I was pulled back down to earth pretty fast of how nasty this world can be.”

She also discussed her initial reluctance to share the name and how she was compelled to turn off Instagram comments after being shocked by the response.

Despite the criticism, the celebrity raved about how much she adored the name, saying it was “wonderful” and “original” and that she had been a longtime fan.

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