Love Island star takes the lid off of boyfriend’s drug charges

The Love Island star admitted it has been a "difficult few weeks" since Billy Webb, the father of her child, "isn't around" after he was detained and charged with drug offences last month.

Shaughna Phillips, a Love Island star who is pregnant, has opened up about a “difficult few weeks” since her boyfriend was detained and accused of narcotics offences last month.

The 28-year-old was excited to welcome their child as she was expecting to become a mother for the first time in March with partner Billy Webb.

But after being detained on January 20, Webb was charged on January 21 with possession with the intent to supply a Class A narcotic and being involved in the supply of controlled substances.

Shaughna claimed in an interview with OK! Magazine that Webb “isn’t around” and that she has been concentrating on getting ready for the baby.

She added that her family was helping to support her.

“After a challenging few weeks, obviously, the baby’s father isn’t around. But my main focus has always been just to prepare for the birth and try to be as calm as possible,” she told the publication.

“I’m good at just saying, ‘Right, the show must go on’.”

In 2020, Shaughna started dating property developer and businessman Billy, who has previously expressed his desire to remain anonymous.

She was first seen with her baby daddy Billy earlier this month as they flew into London Heathrow following a babymoon in Los Angeles.

Shaughna was pictured holding her growing baby belly while clad in a grey cardigan and leggings.

Shaughna also disclosed that because her partner is “squeamish about blood,”so he won’t be in the delivery room with her when she gives birth in March.

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