‘In danger of collapsing’: European Super League plans set to be revived

Chief Executive Bernd Reichart unveils new ideas for an 80-team league.

According to A22 chief executive Bernd Reichart, the European Super League would be based solely on athletic performance and have no permanent members. 

According to the competition’s chief executive, a redesigned, open European Super League may have up to 80 teams in a multi-divisional format.

A minimum of 14 games would be guaranteed for each team each season.

Since October of last year, A22, a corporation established to support and aid in the establishment of the Super League, has met with roughly 50 European teams.

Based on those consultations, A22 has produced 10 principles that serve as the foundation for its plans for a new-look league.

Reichart remarked: “The foundations of European football are in danger of collapsing.

“It’s time for a change. It is the clubs that bear the entrepreneurial risk in football. But when important decisions are at stake, they are too often forced to sit idly by on the sidelines as the sporting and financial foundations crumble around them.”

A22 contends that UEFA and FIFA are abusing their dominant position in violation of EU competition law by preventing the development of the Super League and sanctioning the rival clubs.

The Advocate General in the case issued a non-binding judgement in December, saying that the rules permitting UEFA and FIFA to prevent the development of new tournaments were compliant with EU law. 

The European Court of Justice is scheduled to issue its final ruling in the case later this year.

According to Reichart, the revamped Super League will be an open competition, with teams competing in their respective local divisions and qualifying determined by national-level performance.

Reichart also outlined proposals for cost-cutting measures, stating that clubs should limit the amount of money they spend on player wages and net transfers to a defined portion of their yearly football-related earnings.

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