Investigation launched after young boy manhandled in UK pharmacy

A black boy was allegedly handcuffed by Superdrug security personnel while they were kneeling on top of him.

A young black youngster was restrained by two uniformed men inside of a pharmacy in the UK, with one of the guys kneeling across the boy’s knees.

On Wednesday afternoon, the event took place in the store on East Street in Chichester, West Sussex.

The boy’s mother, Kirsty, posted the footage on Twitter and criticised the security’s use of force.

“This is my 15-year-old black son who was followed while he shopped for shampoo,” the former special adviser for Number 10 and the Ministry of Justice wrote.

The parent pleaded with the public to share the video on social media.

Since then, it has received thousands of shares, and the police and security personnel have come under heavy fire for their behaviour.

A group of teenagers had reportedly gotten into a fight when Sussex Police were called to the site just after 3.30 pm.

The force verified that a shop employee had also reported been assaulted.

When officers arrived, three teenagers had already been detained by civilian security personnel, and two had subsequently been arrested.

Her kid was one of those who was arrested, Kirsty stated in a Twitter thread.

The mother asserts that she learned he had been brought to Worthing Police Station after 90 minutes of not knowing what had happened to him.

‘Spoken to my son who is very stressed but doing ok. Being held at Worthing,’ she wrote.

The mother later said that he was released from police custody around 1.15 am and thanked everyone for their support.

‘It has been an incredibly stressful day,’ she added.

The retailer’s incident is being thoroughly investigated, according to Sussex Police.

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