Israeli airstrikes kill Syrian Army soldier, injure civilians in Aleppo

Additionally, the Observatory reported that Israeli missiles hit defense factories in Aleppo's Safireh area, causing further material damage.

Late Monday, Israeli air strikes targeted Aleppo province in northern Syria, resulting in the death of one soldier, injuries to seven others, including two civilians, and the suspension of operations at Aleppo International Airport, according to state media reports.

The attack involved several missiles aimed at the airport and nearby sites.

Syrian state news agency SANA cited a military source when reporting the incident, adding that the air strikes caused “material losses” and took the airport out of service.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based war monitor, also reported multiple explosions near the airport and the Nayrab military airfield in Aleppo province.

These explosions ignited a fire at a munitions depot, causing significant material damage at both airports.

Over the past decade, Israel has conducted hundreds of air strikes in Syria, primarily targeting Iran-backed forces, Lebanese Hezbollah fighters, and Syrian army positions.

Israel seldom comments on its air strikes in Syria but has consistently emphasized that it will not permit its primary adversary, Iran, to expand its influence in the war-ravaged nation.

Iranian-backed militias maintain a significant presence in the Aleppo region, having played a crucial role in supporting the Syrian army’s recapture of rebel-held areas in the city in 2016.

On March 22, an Israeli missile strike destroyed a suspected arms depot used by Iran-backed militias at Aleppo airport, putting the facility out of service, as reported by the Observatory.

Earlier, on March 7, an Israeli attack on the same airport resulted in three deaths and a temporary halt in air traffic.

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