Key Tory MP reveals she has panic rooms in her home due to fear of ‘authoritarian states’

The MP claimed she has panic buttons because of worries that "hostile governments," like China may want to "harm" her.

A prominent Tory MP has admitted she has panic buttons in every room of her house because she worries that nations like China want to “harm” her.

The chairperson of the foreign affairs committee, Alicia Kearns, claimed she was encouraged to install panic buttons in her residence after receiving threats against her life and that of her two young children, both under the age of four.

Ms. Kearns reaffirmed her claim that China, which she characterises as a “hostile state,” represents a “danger” to the UK in an interview with GB News.

“The reality is that we are under attack from authoritarian states every single day,” she alleged.

After being chosen as the committee’s head in October, Ms. Kearns has talked openly about the protective steps that lawmakers must take.

“There are MPs whose children are taken to school by the police every morning,” she said.

“There are colleagues who are told that they need police protection at all times in their own constituencies, who have stalkers, who have people outside their offices in balaclavas.”

She said that security professionals had advised her to install panic buttons for the protection of her family.

Covid, according to Ms. Kearns, the MP for Rutland and Melton, was “the authoritarian regime’s dream” since users had to download traceable apps to their phones.

On the ‘danger’ that China allegedly represents to the UK, she stated, “Exfiltrating our data is their priority alongside techno authoritarianism, which is essentially the insertion of technologies into our lives where we become dependent and reliant on them.”

“You cannot stand up to China if you are reliant on them for technologies, if they have your data, and if they’ve weaponised resources around the world. And so TikTok is a good example.”

Ms. Kearns participated in an effort that was successful in getting TikTok banned from government phones.

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