Koss Corp. Shares Surge on Speculation as ‘Roaring Kitty’ Keith Gill Sparks Investor Frenzy

On Reddit, speculation intensified, especially on a sub-Reddit focused on GameStop, tracking Gill's activities.

Koss Corp. (KOSS.O), a renowned headphone manufacturer, saw its shares escalate remarkably for two consecutive sessions, ending at $13.35 on Friday after a surge up to $18.50 earlier that day.

This uptick in trading volume was fueled by speculation on social media, particularly posts by Keith Gill, a well-known meme stock influencer who operates under the alias “Roaring Kitty.”

Followers interpreted cryptic images he posted—an emoji of a microphone against a U.S. flag backdrop, which appeared in a recent video—as a signal of his potential interest in Koss.

On Reddit, speculation intensified, especially on a sub-Reddit focused on GameStop, tracking Gill’s activities.

A user, Otherwise-Category42, suggested that Gill might invest in Koss around July 4, drawing parallels between Koss and GameStop.

However, some Redditors expressed skepticism, noting the emoji featured a microphone rather than headphones, which could be a misleading detail.

Koss’s stock had already jumped 143.8% during the previous Wednesday’s shortened trading session, and with Friday’s close, the week’s gains stood at nearly 230%.

The stock experienced a significant premarket spike on Friday, trading 74% higher at one point.

Steve Sosnick, a market strategist at Interactive Brokers, commented on the situation: “There are absolutely no fundamental reasons why this company might be worth four times what it was at the beginning of the week.”

He pointed out that nearly half of Koss’s 9.25 million shares are owned by insiders, which means that even minor increases in buying can lead to disproportionate price movements.

By Friday afternoon, trading volume had soared to 47 million shares, compared to an average of less than 2 million over the last 60 days.

Koss did not respond to inquiries for comments.

Similarly, Gill remained unreachable for comment and has not publicly discussed his stance on Koss.

Previously, in mid-June, he disclosed owning 9 million shares of GameStop Corp. (GME.N).

More recently, he announced a 6.6% stake in the online pet food retailer Chewy Inc.

(CHWY.N) after posting images related to a cartoon dog on X, hinting at his investment moves.

This led his followers to probe for potential hidden meanings in his other stock-related activities.