Leaked document exposes Kremlin conspiracy to invade Belarus

The alleged Kremlin plot to invade Belarus by 2030 has bene revealed in a leaked document.

A number of American and European media organisations, notably the Kyiv Independent, claim to have obtained a 17-page document that outlines Russia’s alleged plans to enslave Belarus and weaken its independence.

By the end of the decade, Russia intends to fully rule Belarus’ political, economic, and military domains, as detailed in the plan.

By 2030, Belarus shall have a common currency and tax structure with Russia, and its media environment should be under Russian control, claims the plan.

The plan also says that Russian laws must be followed by the Belarusian army. It is necessary to move all important military production from Belarus to Russia.

Representatives of one Western intelligence outfit claim that the two-part document is the result of numerous Russian agencies working together.

The Directorate for Cross-Border Cooperation at the Kremlin, according to The Kyiv Independent, produced the document in 2021.

The leaked document states that Russia’s ultimate objective is to complete the union of Russia and Belarus into a state governed from Moscow by 2030.

In 1999, Belarus and Russia formed the Union State, a supranational union with the goal of eventually merging the two nations.

The Union State idea was abandoned until Belarus asked for a discount on Russian oil in 2018. 

For political perks, the Kremlin consented to reduce the cost.

The Kremlin’s objectives are broken down into three parts in the first section of the leaked document: short-term (2022), mid-term (2025), and long-term (2030). The second section lists dangers connected to the plan. 

Russia wants to unify the two nations’ legal systems, harmonise their diplomatic and defence strategies, and maintain control over Belarus’ political, economic, cultural, and media spheres.

The Kyiv Independent and its media partners attempted to independently validate the authenticity of the leaked paper through a number of foreign intelligence services but have not confirmed anything as of now. 

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