Man attempted to kill ‘American spy’ in Cheltenham

Authorities allege that the man attacked the woman on the impression that she worked for GCHQ.

A knifeman attempted to kill a “American spy” outside a fitness centre because he believed she was a spy for “the state,” according to evidence given in court.

On March 9, about 9.15 p.m., Joshua Bowles, 29, was accused of stabbing the woman in the parking lot of a recreation centre in Tommy Taylor’s Lane in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

According to the prosecution, Bowles attacked the woman “thinking she worked at GCHQ,” the British government organisation responsible for cyber and signal intelligence.

Bowles, who was sporting a grey tracksuit, was charged with attempted murder and assaulting Alex Fuentes for getting involved. 

He didn’t plead guilty.

It is believed that the woman had been assigned to the GCHQ, which is located only three miles away, on secondment.

Although the specifics of her job are unknown, GCHQ and the National Security Agency, its equivalent in the US, have a close working connection.

The prosecutor, Kathryn Selby, said: “This was a serious incident of attempted murder, this was a planned attack. The defendant has researched the victim and her whereabouts believing her to work for GCHQ.”

“He has then travelled to the leisure centre taking with him two knives.”

“He saw his victim enter the centre and waited outside. When she came outside with a friend he has gone up to her and attacked her with a knife.”

Bowles, of Welwyn Mews in Cheltenham, is accused of attempting to murder and causing actual bodily harm.

Prior to a preliminary hearing at the Old Bailey on March 31, he was remanded in custody.

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