Max Verstappen demands boycott of racing game

Despite having led the Le Mans 24 Hours Virtual for seven hours, Max Verstappen's team decided to end the race.

Max Verstappen, a two-time world champion, has urged all sim-racers to “uninstall” rFactor 2 following the failure of the Le Mans 24 Hours Virtual organisers to “even control their own game” last weekend.

Verstappen abruptly left the race last weekend when his team had numerous technical difficulties, and he was quite critical of the greatest sim-racing competition in the world.

Server problems made a mockery of the race itself because numerous teams repeatedly disengaged from it.

Verstappen’s team was one of those teams; as a result of a connection failure, whose team fell from the lead to P17 and 1.5 laps behind.

After dominating the race for seven hours, Verstappen made the stunning decision to give it up due to a technical issue.

After retiring, the Red Bull driver took a shot at the event’s organisers and participants, insisting that it was the “last time” he would ever participate in the “clown show.”

Verstappen said on his Twitch show, “They can’t even control their own game.”

“This is already the third time this has happened to me, getting kicked off the game while doing this race. It’s also the last time I’m ever participating, because what’s the point?”

Verstappen may have been annoyed by way the race was conducted because he had previously told the Washington Post that winning the competition was “extremely important” to him and his team.

It’s a disgrace given all the teamwork we’ve put in, he continued.

“I really hope the organisers consider where they put this race going forward because on this platform it’s not going to work.

“It’s game over. I think I have more chance if I go to Vegas and go to the casino, I have more chance to win. I think I’m going to uninstall the game. That’s nice… frees up a bit of space on the PC anyway. And I really hope everyone uninstalls the game.”

Verstappen continued to express his outrage after the incident, going on to say that the way it was handled was “a disgrace to the sim-racing community.”

Verstappen wrote on Discord, “I’m going to write this once, it might get deleted but who cares.”

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