Mother’s Day cards with Andrew Tate inspiration criticised for being sexist

Mother's Day cards with offensive language, allegedly inspired by Andrew Tate, were criticised as "dressing up" misogyny by activists and politicians.

A line of Mother’s Day cards that Andrew Tate inspired and had phrases like “You belong behind the kitchen sink” have been criticised for trivialising misogyny.

The publishers of the cards were said to want to mock sexist language and ideas that are popularised by social forces like Tate.

“Mom you are one in a million But you’re still a b——,” “Love you lots but women are entitled and lazy,” and “Women are inherently manipulative” are among the sayings on the cards.

Another reads, “You crazy crying low life, happy mother’s day.”

Thortful, a card website, is selling the cards starting at £3.49.

Some of the comments on the cards come from well-known misogynists like Donald Trump and Andrew Tate, according to Eliza Hatch, who worked on them.

“I’ve also had 100s of submissions from my community of what has been said to them which were quite shocking. We picked the ones that would be most shocking for a Mother’s Day card.”

“There’s this idea that insulting someone’s mum is the highest form of insult and having that real contrast by putting those statements on a Mother’s Day card is powerful.”

The cards were intended to spark discussion on the usage of sexist language by using common insults thrown at women, according to brand agency CPB London.

“We started with misogynistic comments online that were out there in the real world from people like Andrew Tate,” CPB London CEO Helen James stated.

“We wanted to understand the language around misogyny and shine a light on toxic masculinity and the casual use of misogynistic language, but in a really disarming way that would hopefully start a conversation and lead to change.”

The 36-year-old Mr. Tate is being detained in Romania alongside his brother on charges of rape, human trafficking, and organising a gang to exploit women. 

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