Revealed: Andrew Tate’s life behind bars as he vows to get free

In his most recent outburst from behind bars, Andrew Tate called jail an "animal house" and described how inmates fight with guards.

Andrew Tate, a 36-year-old former kickboxer, has been held in custody in Romania for more than 50 days as a result of an investigation into rape, human trafficking, and organised crime.

On December 29, authorities arrested him and his brother Tristan.

Tate once more criticized life in prison in a subsequent email to subscribers.

He said: “In jail, where distractions are so limited, emotions become the entertainment of choice for most.

“Inmates enjoy feeling anger. I’ve seen men fight the guards for pure fun.

“Men argue in blistering anger over the pronunciation of a name. t is an animal house.”

In an earlier complaint about the jail environment, Tate said that his “only buddies at night” were cockroaches and lice.

In order to “shut down” the investigation against him, Tate has threatened to sue a woman who has accused him of trafficking for £249 million.

According to attorneys for one alleged victim in America, a US law company on behalf of the brothers sent her a “cease-and-desist” letter in December.

If the woman didn’t withdraw her claims, the letter threatened to sue her and her parents for $300 million (£249 million), according to the BBC.

Romanian anti-organized crime prosecutors detained Tate, Tristan, and two female suspects in Bucharest pending a criminal investigation.

They are charged with finding women on social media and convincing them to visit their £600,000 property outside of the nation’s capital.

According to reports, the brothers would make up claims of love for the young women before forcing them to perform sex acts on webcams.

Romanian investigators claim that women were held under constant house arrest and coerced into filming pornographic recordings within the property.

In addition, according to the prosecution, one of the brothers sexually assaulted one of the victims in March of last year, when the inquiry was launched.

The brothers refute the charges made against them.

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