Russia planning covert operation in the North Sea

A masked man with what seemed to be a military assault rifle confronted a reporter as he approached the ship in a tiny boat.

According to fresh reports, Russia has a plan to destroy communication cables and wind farms in the North Sea.

The information was obtained through a cooperative investigation by public broadcasters in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Norway.

It claims that Russia has a fleet of boats operating in the North Sea as research and fishing trawlers.

They are charting important locations for potential sabotage and carrying underwater surveillance equipment.

While the head of Norwegian intelligence informed the broadcasters the programme was deemed extremely essential for Russia and directly managed from Moscow, a Danish counterintelligence officer said that the sabotage plans are being planned in the event of a major conflict with the West.

According to the broadcasters, they have assessed intercepted Russian communications that point to the presence of ‘ghost ships’ in Nordic waters that have disabled their transmitters in order to conceal their whereabouts.

The Admiral Vladimirsky, a Russian ship, is the subject of the report.

This is a ship used for expeditionary oceanography, or undersea research.

According to the claim, it is actually a Russian espionage ship.

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