Sharon Osbourne blasts Prince Harry

Archie and Lilibet, Prince Harry's two children, have been cut off from the rest of their family, and Sharon Osbourne believes this is an "awful thing" to do.

The Duke of Sussex’s explosive television interviews, which will be broadcast on CBS and ITV on Sunday, were covered by TalkTV anchor Sharon Osbourne and her team.

The young children of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, will grow up “with no relatives” on either parent’s side, Sharon said during the argument.

The 70-year-old described the situation as “extremely sad” and “ugly.”

The younger generation, according to Sharon, is in favour of Harry and Meghan’s decision to start over in California during Tuesday’s episode of her TalkTV show.

The elder generations, she continued, “have definitely had it up to here with the whining.”

But the younger children do help them, added Sharon.

She also reminded the panel that fights are a common part of families and assured the audience that fighting with loved ones was okay.

Sharon says “There’s nothing like a good old bust-up, it’s normal but what isn’t normal is, it’s for [Prince Harry’s] children.

“His children will grow up with no family, not on his wife’s side, or his.

During the TalkTV programme, panellist Kevin O’Sullivan provided his opinion on Prince Harry’s planned ITV interview with journalist Tom Bradby.

He stated: “These clips we have just seen are tacky and excruciating.

“[Prince Harry] is sounding now, and looking like a desperate reality TV star who has to do dramatic interviews to get noticed and make money.

“So welcome to the brilliant new TV series, The Only Way Is Sussex. I mean, it’s just getting embarrassing.”