‘They cannot break me’: Andrew Tate sends defiant message after court ruling

Andrew Tate admitted to experiencing significant physical changes after serving a two-month sentence.

Due to allegations of human trafficking, sexual assault, and creating a criminal organisation, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate have been detained since December 2022.

The Tate brothers are former reality TV stars and professional kickboxers who now manage Hustler’s University, which is thought of as a multi-level marketing scheme.

Tate, who frequently updates his followers on Twitter from a Romanian prison, recently wrote that he “barely recognises” himself these days.

“I saw a reflection today and I barely recognized myself – A long beard, a full head of hair, and the stresses of battle show on my face. But then I looked into my eyes and recognized myself completely. They cannot break me.”

The Tate brothers are mostly accused of engaging in human trafficking, in which they would entice women with false promises of marriage to coerce them into producing pornographic content for webcam networks like OnlyFans.

According to several stories, Andrew Tate was detained in the UK on rape suspicion but was never charged because Tate and his brother were presented to the court as witnesses, not suspects.

Getting into arguments with people who are critical of them is nothing new for Andrew Tate and his brother.

Tristan Tate and “Cobra”, as Andrew Tate is known, are renowned for going on raging rants and frequently verbally assaulting anyone who attempts to poke fun at them.

Their disputes with people like YouTuber True Geordie, KSI, and Logan Paul are well known.

Tate might have paid the ultimate price for coming after climate activist Greta Thunberg without provocation.

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