Tony Blair told to ‘disappear quietly’ amid WEF links

The World Economic Forum should "separate themselves" from Mr. Blair if it wants to maintain "some type of credibility," according to Tory MP Lee Anderson.

As rumours about Tony Blair replacing Klaus Schwab as the head of the World Economic Forum (WEF) grow, MPs and commentators are outraged.

As more people voiced their displeasure with Mr. Schwab’s involvement in the WEF, there has been growing speculation about who may be taking over the position.

The Tory MP Lee Anderson encouraged the WEF to “separate themselves” from Mr. Blair if it wants to maintain “some type of credibility” in response to Mr. Blair’s potential appointment.

He said to the Daily Express that Tony Blair was to blame for the situation of the British economy in 2010 and that he even acknowledged that his government had failed to comprehend the complexities of the banking sector or recognise that a crisis was imminent.

“He also dragged us into a pointless war that cost 179 British lives on the battlefield so this man needs to disappear quietly to a place where he has no influence at all.”

Blair would be “excellent” for the position, Nigel Farage said, adding: “He’d be absolutely fantastic. He would join an organisation whose credibility has diminished quite significantly.”

As for the potential nomination, Conservative MP Marco Longhi expressed his disapproval to the Daily Express, saying, “Personally I’d do away with the WEF altogether, it is an elitist gathering of billionaires who are completely removed from the lives of ordinary people.”

As dissatisfaction with Mr. Klaus Schwab’s leadership of the forum grew, rumours concerning his future gained momentum.

The 82-year-old is “completely unaccountable,” according to a group of current and former WEF employees, who told the guardian, he has surrounded himself with “nobodies” who are unable to govern the organisation he started in the early 1970s.

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