Trump Campaign Launches Pre-Emptive Strike on Kamala Harris Amid Speculation of 2024 Ticket Shakeup

Despite Biden's insistence that he will remain in the race, and Harris's support for him, the Trump campaign sees little downside in targeting her now.

Donald Trump’s campaign and his allies have launched a pre-emptive political strike on Vice President Kamala Harris, moving quickly to discredit her amid speculation among Democrats that she might replace President Joe Biden on the 2024 ticket.

Over the past 48 hours, Trump’s campaign and his Republican allies have increased their attacks on Harris, possibly preparing for a scenario where the 81-year-old Biden ends his re-election bid following his poor debate performance last week.

Despite Biden’s insistence that he will remain in the race, and Harris’s support for him, the Trump campaign sees little downside in targeting her now.

If Harris becomes the nominee, these early attacks could weaken her position.

The National Republican Congressional Committee labeled her Biden’s “enabler in chief,” and MAGA Inc., a pro-Trump super PAC, called her the “invasion czar.”

This criticism references Harris’s role, assigned by Biden, to address illegal immigration with Mexico and Central American nations.

Republicans blame her for failing to control the flow of migrants, although she was not directly responsible for securing the southern border.

“Kamala Harris is incompetent. She’s proven to be the weakest, worst vice president in history, and she has 100% supported Joe Biden in every single disastrous policy that he has implemented over the last four years,” said Karoline Leavitt, a Trump campaign spokesperson.

Trump disparaged Harris in a video at one of his golf courses, calling her “so bad, she’s so pathetic” before using an expletive to describe her.

Trump’s campaign manager Chris LaCivita supported Trump’s remarks, saying, “Nothing in this video is incorrect.”

Biden campaign spokesperson Sarafina Chitika responded, “No, Donald. What is bad is taking away women’s rights; What is bad is losing an election and encouraging a violent mob to attack the Capitol.”

The Biden campaign has defended Harris against Republican criticism without addressing her potential candidacy.

“Vice President Harris is proud to be President Biden’s running mate,” said Rhyan Lake, a Harris campaign spokesperson.

“No matter what false attacks Trump and his extreme allies make, she will continue to defend the Biden-Harris record and prosecute the case against Donald Trump.”

Corey Lewandowski, a Trump adviser, noted that Harris is politically vulnerable due to her role in immigration issues.

Despite her low approval ratings, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed Harris to be a competitive opponent to Trump, trailing by only one percentage point in a hypothetical matchup.

Trump’s recent restraint in public appearances following Biden’s debate performance indicates a strategic shift.

A senior Trump campaign adviser said, “He’s showing increased discipline and message control.”

Even before the debate, the Trump campaign was targeting Harris, releasing an online attack ad mocking her for repeating lines in her speeches.

Harris’s defenders argue that she is a primary target due to her strong stance against Trump on abortion rights and her vigorous defense of Biden.

If Biden exits the race before the Democratic National Convention in August, Harris would likely be the front-runner for the nomination, benefiting from Biden’s campaign resources and support from a significant portion of the Democratic Party.

As the first Black vice president, she represents a crucial connection to the party’s most loyal voters, offering a stark contrast to the 78-year-old Trump.