UK and Germany respond to concerns about Vladimir Putin’s Estonia military ambitions

This development occurred as the UK prepares to replace Germany as the head of NATO's mission in Estonia, which borders Russia.

For the first time, German and British pilots will work together on air policing missions above Estonia.

Typhoon planes from the Royal Air Force and the German Air Force will participate in the first “integrated” operations of this kind, which the Defense Secretary commended as an example of Nato “unity”.

The UK is slated to take charge of the NATO air policing mission for four months beginning in April, according to the Ministry of Defense, and about 300 RAF personnel will soon arrive in Estonia.

Concerns about Vladimir Putin’s goals and upcoming moves have been rekindled in bordering states, including Estonia.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said: “Our RAF personnel in Estonia are undertaking a vital role, ensuring the security of Europe’s skies and bolstering Nato’s presence in eastern Europe.”

“Joint operations of this kind, demonstrate the strength and unity of the Nato alliance and our shared resolve to maintain peace and security across the region.”

The 140 Expeditionary Air Wing’s commanding officer, Wing Commander Scott Maccoll, stated: “Today marks a great ‘first’ for our two Air Forces. We have been working together for some time and the level of cooperation has now reached a new level.”

“What better way to demonstrate the strength and unity of the Nato Alliance, than through successful, shared operations such as this?”

The mission was a component of the UK’s commitment to NATO member Estonia, according to the MoD.

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