‘We didn’t find out’: Stacey Solomon explains pregnancy to confused fan

Stacey Solomon used social media to explain her pregnancy after making a "surprise announcement" that confused some of her followers.

Last week, Stacey Solomon, 33, surprised her fans by announcing that she and her husband Joe Swash, 40, are expecting their fifth child.

Even more of a shocker was when she revealed that she is already eight months along and will be giving birth to her “new pickle” soon.

One admirer questioned during an Instagram Q&A: “I’m so confused how you didn’t know for eight months?! Your bump isn’t exactly small?!”

Stacey then clarified: “We didn’t just find out at eight months [for god’s sake].

“We found out, then wanted that first few months you usually would wait to have it to ourselves, and now here we are.”

She did, however, mention that she learned the information “past the moment” at which people often tell others the news.

Stacey admitted that she has absolutely no names in mind when a fan inquired as to whether she and Joe had any names in mind.

We have so many children that we have run out of names, she jokingly said.

Stacey continued by saying that she prefers “floral or Hebrew” names whereas Joe prefers “old fashioned” names like Betty or Arthur.

Stacey acknowledged that she has “done absolutely nothing” to be ready for her baby’s arrival with only one month to go.

She also acknowledged that she is “very behind” and that this is making her feel “extremely unorganised.”

“We just haven’t got the time,” the X Factor finalist wrote. But I know baby will be in with us for the first year (or 15 if they’re anything like the others).

“So, I need to just not put too much pressure on myself to get things all together and sorted before baby comes.”

Stacey received an abundance of supportive messages from her well-known friends and co-workers after sharing the good news.

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